Emma Marichal
Type Designer

I'm a French type designer, based in Lyon. Feel free to contact me for any project request (custom typeface, lettering, logo, editorial design). I will be happy to discuss it with you! ︎
If you need to buy one of my typeface, please send me an email.

Website in progress, you can see my work on Instagram! ︎




Gallique takes its name from the oldest of the garden roses, Rosa Gallica. The duality of soft petals met with prickling thorns soaks into the design of its juxtaposing forms to create a truly expressive, experimental take on a contemporary serif.
    For ligatures lovers, Gallique is made to tangle and intertwine to create a stunning display of its delicate, hypnotic curves; making it the perfect choice for impactful editorial layouts and powerfully creations.

︎︎︎Download: Specimen & Trial

(soon) ︎ Desktop License 40€ ︎ Add to Cart (1-3 computers)