I'm a French graphic and typographic designer, based in Lyon. I studied graphic design in Brittany, during 4 years, and I discovered type design with the type designer Jack Usine. I literally fell in love with the process : I’m someone very patient and meticulous, so type design was the perfect discipline for me. Then, during an internship at StudioStudio (Gent), I had to design a custom typeface for Another Graphic (an archive of graphic design focused on typographic treatment). Again, I’ve understood that I wanted to learn deeper type design. So I started to study at the type design post diploma in Amiens, with Sébastien Morlighem, Patrick Doan, Jean-Baptiste Levée, Mathieu Réguer & Frederik Berlaen, and I’m currently working on a type design project that’s taking influences from wood typefaces.

I worked and learned with

Atelier Pierre Pierre
3 Studios et Laboratoire du Livre
Jack Usine


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